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I am neglecting my children to do this. So Sad. Just kidding, they would be glued to the television anyway so I might as well do something. Unofficially, I am what they call these days a "Stay At Home Mom" or a SAHM to my UB frenemys. If you want to call me a Housewife or Homemaker, go ahead.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Newyork.UrbanBaby.Com: Plapable and Norbert

What can tire you out, make you laugh, piss you off, and hook you like crack? If you're like me, it's the message boards at Silly me went there for the first time back in the day to ask a question about taking my db (dear baby in ub slang) in cabs to her daycare. Since then I've had intermittent episodes of ub-Bulemia. Binge and purge, binge and purge. Too many nights I've spent up late hitting refresh refresh refresh to see new posts even when I have had a sinking feeling I'm the only one still on there. "But the West Coast crowd should be getting on soon!!!".

It is totally anonymous. Okay nothing is totally anonymous but there are no screen names, nothing for anyone to connect to you except what you choose to reveal. There is talk of people creating wild alternate identities, others offering up what they know to be completely bad advice, and lots and lots of trolls. There is a mad deleter who is there to whisk away threads that are a tad too controversial. I got banned for 700 seconds once for alluding to what the term "tossing her salad" means. As in Fred Durst said on Howard Stern that he tossed Brittney's salad. Generally though I'm fairly polite, if a little silly-especially at night. TEAM Night Crowd!!! A bunch of drunk ass bitches I would love to hang with in real life given they were as cool in real life as they were on the forums.

Plapable and Norbert---what do these words mean? If you have to ask you ain't cool enough to know. Ok, I'll give you one...This my friends is Norbert enjoy


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